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Physically transporting food overseas is just one of the things we do - our army of experts number drivers, translators and packers, while our services range from legal compliance, UK collections, and deliveries, to preparation of products to meet the exacting labelling, and dating standards required by the Gulf Cooperation Council member states, as well as the registration and documentation of the products to ensure smooth clearance on arrival. Here's a taste of all the things we do:


Over several decades in the industry, we have honed a logistics system that is peerless in delivering efficiently to far-flung corners of the globe, either for direct or third party clients.

Global delivery

By land, sea and air, Airberg is the trusted pair of hands to take your merchandise to the Middle East, Far East and India. We offer both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL).

Food export

Since 1988 we've been getting the best of British food where it’s wanted around the world. We buy directly for clients or to fulfil third party orders and offer a complete delivery service.


With Gatwick just 45 minutes away and Heathrow a short drive along the M25, our experience at using two of the biggest air terminals in the world is immense.


We pack your goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way, offering foreign relabelling where needed and nipping potential legal problems in the bud.

More products

Multi-language labelling; temperature-sensitive packaging; processing and loading of non-food products; van deliveries in London and the South East... Call us to find out about all our services.


Our position near the border of Kent and East Sussex puts us within easy reach of London, Felixstowe and Southampton.


An important element of what we do, but all just part of the service when a destination requires certain information to be inkjetted directly on to the goods.

Modern warehouse

We’re equipped to store everything, whether it's chilled, frozen or ambient. Our new premises give us 350 pallet spaces of frozen capacity, making processing quicker and shipping more accurate.

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