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Our new warehouse has boosted our services further, making the shipping and processing involved in the "chill chain" even faster and more accurate. We now have capacity for 900 ambient pallets and 350 frozen, which combined with our proximity to some of the busiest airports and seaports in the world means an unbeatable level of freshness when the food reaches its final stop.


Forklift drivers... Translators... Sales people... Accounts staff... Shrink wrappers... Our team is diverse but they've got one thing in common - a laser focus on getting your food where it's meant to be, on time and with the minimum of fuss.

That ethos has been in place since 1988, when a group of people with great experience in the field embarked on a venture to export temperature-sensitive, short shelf-life food overseas.

We started off by servicing supermarkets and airline caterers in the Gulf states. Since then we've grown and now we take care of embassies, high commissions and top hotel resorts - among others - around the world. It's crucial for clients that the latest regulations and best practice are always adhered to and that is why have kept abreast of the times, something that is evident in the building of our new warehouse (find out more below).

Cargo Ship

Delivering Globally

By land, sea and air, Airberg is the trusted pair of hands to take your merchandise to the Middle East, Far East and India. We offer both full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL).



We pack your goods in the most efficient and cost-effective way, offering foreign relabelling where needed and nipping potential legal problems in the bud.


State of the art warehouse

We're equipped to store everything, whether it's chilled, frozen or ambient. Our new premises give us 350 pallet spaces of frozen capacity, making processing quicker and shipping more accurate.

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